Thursday, April 06, 2006

I've been using gmail for about a year now, and I have to say that I absolutely love it.

The design itself is amazing. Tabbing conversations makes e-mail simple and, dare I say, fun. But what I like the most is the features I just started using today. Fowarding and multiple-account emailing. I have four e-mail addresses total. One is extremely old and only used to keep in contact with teachers and friends from high school (which, I must admit is very few). Another one was one I created for a class I was a teacher aid for last year. The other two are my big e-mail addresses. I use one for work and professional e-mails; the other for everything else.

So, why did I start messing around with the filter/forward and multiple-account e-mailing features? Well, the truth is that I rarely checked my work address because I hardly ever got e-mail there. I created it last summer in order to apply for jobs because it isn't a creative of wacky e-mail address. It's my first and last name, so it works perfectly for sending job applications and professional e-mails. When I found out that I had about six e-mails in my inbox that I hadn't checked in about a month I realized I needed to fix it. So, I made my work/professional e-mail address filter and forward all incoming e-mails to my main e-mail address. Now, I won't miss out on e-mail that I receive there because it all goes to my main account.

But there's more!

Gmail also allows you to "consolidate" multiple accounts into one. In other words, I can e-mail using my professional address from my main account. All I had to do was verify that I owned the address and gmail hooked the rest up for me. Now when I get e-mail from work, I can reply to it from my main account using my work address. Sweet! The joys of gmail!!

If you don't have it, you should get it! It's seriously the best e-mail account service out there, hands down!


carebear said...

thanks! hugs always

Bree said...

I (heart) gmail almost as much as I (hear) huckabees!

'Huckabees?? More like FSCKABEES!'
'*gasp!* She said fsckabees!' XD

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