Thursday, April 13, 2006

I have a new favorite word to add to my increasingly extensive vocabulary thanks to my GRE Vocabulary Book: Alacrity.

Alacrity (noun) -- Promptness; cheerful readiness.

As in: Moved by immense alacrity, I started my seminar project back in January, a year before I took seminar.

I plan to make this a frequent feature on my blog as I prepare for the GRE. If it annoys, I'm sorry. It's a mechanism to help me remember some of the words. Who knows?! It may even help you extend your vocabulary too!


bardot said...

words are rad!!!

you should join the merriam-webster ( word of the day; i love the diversity of their words.

Thister said...

Hey! Thanks! I'll join their list. It would most certainly help!!

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