Friday, April 21, 2006

There's just a few more compact weeks left before this semester is over and I couldn't be any more ebullient. This semester has been tumultuous and frenetic, engendering much stress and anxiety. It's been worthwhile though. After all, there really is no other place I'd rather be. I'm too erudite to leave the confines of my room, my campus, and the college experience altogether, especially since I plan on going to graduate school right after or within a year of graduation.

I think it's obvious as to what I've been up to lately. In terms of studying for the GRE I've been primarily focusing on my vocabulary book. I figure that, given my sedulous schedule, it's best to focus on the vocabulary first and then get into the actual tests when I have more free time to do them. Aside from the GRE, I applied to another job for the summer but I haven't gotten an interview. Yeah, two jobs! That's probably why they have been apprehensively reluctant to call me. They know that, if they hire me, I'll be balancing two jobs, school, and then I'll be graduating within a year. Indeed, the job process is slightly tempestuous. I know Nancy can certainly attest to this. (Heh! Hang in there, you'll get a job soon enough!)

As for those last few weeks of classes, I have one history paper to finish. It's on the Khmer Rouge, so it shouldn't be too hard to finish up given the abundance of information. Unlike my Environmental History paper, I can actually read the language of both the primary and secondary texts. As such, the reading and writing process has been conducted expeditiously and, hopefully, with much efficacy. I've also finished writing the poem I'm going to present for my "creative project" for my Humanities class. It parallels to T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock in style, but has different themes and elements. Hopefully it will go over well with the class. Aside from these tasks, then, remains finals. For once I'm not too worried about them this year. Most of my finals for this semester have been papers or presentations, so the last few that are tests don't worry me. I only have three to mess around with in addition to working during the week. Things should unravel well.

Now, enough dilatory measures. I need to resume my writing and my fighting. After all, the semester isn't over with this conclusion.


Bree said...

Are you going to let me read this version of one of Eliot's most famous works? hmmmm? lol!

btw: the security code is 'syick', as in "MAN! This shyit is syick!" ah, so easily entertained. :P

bardot said...

i like your usage of words in this entry. hahaha :-)

Thister said...

Hahah! Thanks. As I'm sure you know, the best way to learn and remember is through application. Too bad it isn't like The Matrix, though. I would love to download the dictionary into my head so I didn't have to spend hours upon hours studying words. It is fun to learn new words, except when people start to think that you've become a bombastic know-it-all. *sigh* Just like some people seem to think now. Hhaha!

magnetic_poet said...

Hey Wayne, you're starting to sound like Nate Schunke! :-) Once during a debate round I wrote a list of "Nate's 10-Dollar Words." I'm sure you hit on at least 1/2 dozen in this post. Well done! :-)

As for the job scene. . .sighhh. I had another interview today on campus for a position in the Registrar's Office for a transcript evaluator. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. They said I should know by next week. THINK GOOD THOUGHTS!!!

Thister said...

Hahah! Thanks. I totally plan on becoming the new Shunkster next year! According to Lacey, however, my elavated vernacular is a "nightmare." Personally I don't think it's that bad, though.

I certainly hope you land that job, Nancy! You deserve it and you're totally qualified. And, who knows, you might end up evaluating my transcript next year if you do get the job. Hahah! As if you haven't done that already! Good luck!

Bree said...

...of COURSE you don't think it's that bad, you don't have to listen to yourself! XD jk dude, you know I love you.

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