Thursday, April 06, 2006

Perhaps Henry David Thoreau said it best when he said, "It's not enough to be busy...the question is: what are we busy about?" I was never a big fan of Thoreau (I mean Walden? BORING!), but he does have a point.

Due to my inability to remain calm and relaxed over Spring Break (because of a highly difficult research paper of doom!), I've decided that it's finally time to join the "schedule my life away" club. Its co-founders include Nancy and Lacey whom practically and meticulously live by their planners. Don't lie, you know you do! At least, you did when you were in college! I know it might sound crazy, but I've never really been a big fan of planners. Throughout middle school and high school I just knew and remembered what I needed to do when I needed to do it without any problems. I even continued this practice up to this year, but now that I've become increasingly busier things have to change.

I have a planner now, and that's a scary thought. (To me, anyway!)

Regardless, it's a good idea to be more scheduled and planned now that I know I'm probably going to graduate in a year. Oh! That's probably new news to you. It still is to me! Haha! I met with Nancy over break and she evaluated my transcript. Thereafter I realized that, unless I'm either retarded or can't get into the classes I need, I will be graduating in May next year. Although, this is all tentative as I'll need to re-evaluate my degree progress after the summer. Either way, though, it's highly likely that this geek will be graduating in the spring next year. I still smile at the thought.

With that said and known, it means that I really need to be organized and get cracking on many items of business. I've already organized my schedules for the summer, fall, and spring semesters to come with much thanks to Nancy! I also need to study for the GRE, which I've already ordered books for, and take the test in November or early December. I also need to start figuring out which graduate schools I would like to apply to and which one I'm dead set on attending. I've done some research, but it's not nearly enough. As such, I've scheduled a meeting with a future communication professor to discuss graduate studies. I also need to make sure I have all the materials and necessary qualifications for the graduate schools that I'm applying to. Now, I don't know if I'm planning on going straight into grad school or not. If I do, though, I might as well have all this stuff done, right? Of course, these are the big things I need to plan. There are so many other things I need to take care of between now and then that will take their place in time.

I don't plan to schedule my life away, but in so many ways it's now necessary. At the very least I need to be more organized. After all, I can't afford to stress out because I didn't do things before or exactly when they needed to be done. Especially not this close to the end game. (Either that or I need to be more organized and learn Yoga, meditation, go exercise more or some other stress relief technique! At least that's what my parents seem to think.)

Nancy, Lacey, and any other members, you better be saving me a seat in the club! When is the next meeting time? I need to have this marked IN PEN!!!


magnetic_poet said...

Welcome to our club! We're always glad to have new members. We do have initiation rites, though, which include ritual tattoos with multi-colored, archival-quality Uniball pens. Just so you know.

By the way, if you want to go uber-nerdy with the whole planner business, you can COLOR CODE your events based on what category they fall into. That's what I did (nerd alert! nerd alert!). Debate stuff was always one color, appointments were another, each class I was in had its own color too. That way when my schedule was full, at least it looked pretty :-)

Also, Wayne, taking the GRE in November/December sounds good. It's good that I decide on a date otherwise I'll just keep putting it off. . . Thanks for sending on the stuff about the testing center that proctors it!

Bree said...

...color That explains a lot, Nancy...XD

I just prioritized through lists (e.g. the assignment that needed to be done first was ranked first, etc.) and budgeted my days out by hours. I still use my planner every day even though I'm no longer a student. 9:30-12:30 is my gym time, no matter what else is going on. DON'T JUDGE ME!! LOL It's the only way I can stay sane...

As for the uniball tattoos, don't worry too much about those. It's the Burning Sacrifice we make to the Great Planner in the Sky that you should be concerned with. I wasn't in the club yet, but rumor has it that Nancy cried. O_o

You kids with your GRE business, DANG I wish I'd had a study partner for the LSAT!! Maybe then I wouldn't have been alone in the public library wanting to cut 'up the road, not across'. LMAO! :D

Thister said...

Haha! You two crack me up!!

Nancy, I actually have been color coding my events! Haha! I figured it was the best plan of action as it would draw my attention to which things were more important and which things were less important. Kind of like our terror alert system, only not as retarded! It's more of a hybrid between what you and Lacey said.

Also, I'm still trying to pick a time to take it. I'll know more as the summer roles around, but for now November to December is the time frame that I'm shooting for. Woo! You're welcome for the information, by the way.

Lacey, Hahahaha! So, what sort of sacrifice are we talking about? I can deal with the tatoo, but the sacrifice could, indeed, be scary.

And, hey, don't hate us because we're taking the GRE. LOL! That's what we get for wanting to become professors doing research and writing books. In other words, that's what we get for wanting to be poor, but highly educated! Haha! You'll be rich and educated, so I don't want to hear ANY complaints. JEEZ!

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