Saturday, October 29, 2005

Sometimes, while I'm on itunes, I like to listen to other people's collection of tracks. None more so than "Lori" though. She's got one of the most interesting and eclectic mixes from alternative, oldies, emo, punk, to a nice wide assortment of indie. Lately, while searching through her 20.2 GB's worth of music I stumbled on some Of Montreal whom I first heard about through Bardot. I highly recommend you check out all of their music as it's hip and rock'n to groove to. Plus, their video for Wraith Pinned to the Mist (and other games) is a good watch. I also heardGary Jules (check out "No Poetry") whom sounds alternative borderline country. I haven't heard him before, so if you have kudos to you. I also enjoyed listening to The Notwist (check out "Off The Rails") who sounds indie-rockish. Finally, as recommended by dooce sometime ago, I heard Idlewild who totally rocks the fscking cazba. They're like Coldplay only ten times better, minus the piano, add a violin and some rocking riffs.

Usually I'd go off on each artist's style, but you just need to check them out for yourself. Hopefully the links will get you to some of their music.


rainydayinmay said...

great selections. i LOVE Gary Jules..... am going to itunes to check out the dooce recomendation now as they sound great...

bardot said...

how do you do that on itunes?? is it just people's podcasts?? or am i not hip to the itunes???


i love the notwist!!!! i saw them (sorta) when they came as 13 & god. they played "pick up the phone" as an encore, and the crowd went crazy!

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