Monday, October 10, 2005

Midterms are fast approaching in college land at this time of year. It is during this time that professors toss out enormous papers with all too soon due dates and/or tests that are worth a large portion of your grade in hopes that you can juggle everything as you ride along, carefully so, on your unicycle positioned ever so steadily on a tightrope.

Perhaps it's not that bad, especially for most people. I'm sure a paper and a test or two can't be too detrimental. In my case, they wouldn't cause problems if I didn't have to juggle debate along with the rest of it. Not that debate is difficult, because it isn't when you're prepared and have a good debate partner (of which, I'm sure I'm saying goodbye to Hillary at semester as she is seeing wedding bells more and more). Rather, when mixed with the rest of these courses, it is the one, and usually the only one, that spells potential disaster to everything else. While I do enjoy debate, the time it requires us to spend away from courses, especially tough courses (e.g. Eastern Civilizations and Western World Literature), is a bit much. This year it is also costing me work time, which, in turn, is costing me money. Our next tournament will cost me three days of class, two of which are important days in my Eastern Civilizations class because they are right before the midterm. While I'm not too worried with the course right now, the weight that the midterm carries is starting to leave me slightly anxious in the wake of this realization.

As nerdy as I am, I'll probably pull through just fine. Which is good. It's my standards for this semester, however, that are starting to pull at me. I digress though. Instead, the motto "If you have a problem and it can be solved, don't worry about it. If you have a problem and it can't be solved, don't worry about it" seems to ring in my head as a reminder that things are as they are for a reason and you can only do your best. Even if you want your best to be a 4.0.


Zucchini said...

I gave up on the 4.0 a loooooong time ago. XD

Thister said...

LOL! I know. I just want a 4.0 at least one semester of college. I come so close each semester and then one class just fucks it up. Usually it's a math course, but this time it's starting to look like Debate is affecting my other courses which could bring their grades down. Though, this is not entirely certain right now.

I think I'm just going through a quarter-life crisis. Or, at least, the onest of one.

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