Saturday, October 01, 2005

As per usual, I've updated the blog colors and masthead.

The masthead and lyrics are cut and dry, I think. The obvious and literal connection: I chose a picture of leaves in the fall because leaves, of course, change with the seasons. Reasons, likewise, change heedlessly--sometimes taking into account everything going on, and sometimes they change at the whim of a moment. Right now, this time is that whim, that change that has occurred and continues to occur.

I feel that, in many ways, my life changes like the seasons around me. I go through seasons of winter when it's lonely, empty, and a bit chilly, but often beautiful; seasons of spring when it rains and there is new growth and understanding; seasons of summer when the sun shines to illuminate the world (and potentially burn you) but increase the shadows of things yet to come; and seasons of fall when colors change and the atmosphere cools, when things are no longer clouded by the haziness of the heat of summer (or the chill of winter, or the rain of spring). In this regard, fall is the clearest of all seasons--a time of change, but in clarity and understanding--because there is nothing to distract attention in the atmosphere. There are only colors of change and moments of reflection with each leaf falling.


rainydayinmay said...

it's beautiful... maybe its because it's way too early on a saturday morning, but i sat here for a lengthy moment-pondering the lyrics...
i for one, love it. :)

Thister said...

Thanks Misty! I love fall, it is the best season of all.

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