Thursday, August 11, 2005

I have been informed by housing, finally, that they have an apartment for my brother and me to live in. Finally, another cloudy situation cleared up. Except, now that I have accepted the apartment, it means we'll have to go out and look around for cheap furniture to furnish the place. One situation begets another, and that's why there are places to find used furniture for cheap. And, of course, WalMart. (I know, it's evil. It's also cheap.)

At least I don't have to worry about it anymore. It was horribly taxing to have to think about where to live if the housing didn't go through. I think I would've been living on a friend's floor for a while until things got settled or maybe in my car, down by the river. The latter of the two, of course, less likely. Still, my car could've worked if need be. It's just really ghetto looking right now because of all the junk in the backseat and trunk. It also would've been hard to sleep in with all that junk. Hmm. Yeah, I'm glad everything is good to go for now. Seriously, though, Chris Farley would've had nothing on me because, at least, he was in a van. That has got to have more room than my piece of shit car.


Bree said...

lol you know you're welcome as long as you need to stay. Besides, my house is infinetly cooler than your white-trash brigade car. ;)

Blue said...

lol...a van... i know someone who lived in a van b/c he got kicked out, but we're not gonna go any further on that, cuz he was wierd. lol... don't live in a van. it's too hard to stretch out.

Thister said...

Bree: Thanks again for the hospitality. I appreciate it. I just don't want to impose on you or your family for too long.

Blue: Haha! I wouldn't live in a van...unless I had to. Thankfully, I don't think I'll have to worry about that. Things should be good to go. It's getting back that's going to be interesting.

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