Monday, August 01, 2005

I'm happy to report that I'm really moving along now, finally. I don't know what exactly it was that stalled me for so long, but it is not in the way anymore. At least, for this speech.

In other news, my brother went to look at houses with an agent on Saturday and it looks like I might be living off campus this year. The houses he looked at are within our shared price range and aren't too far from campus. I'd have to drive to and from campus everyday, but it wouldn't be a long drive if we get one in the area we've previously discussed. If not, then I might just be living on campus once again. Though, all of this is still up in the air.

With only 12 days left, I'm ready to go back (except for my speeches) and start up another year. A year of learning, laughter, competition, good and bad. Yet, I'm anxious about going back. I'm anxious because, even though I've only been away for a few months, I feel like I've been away from everything for a long time. Like I've lost touch, even though I know I haven't. It's not like I've been gone for ages. It just feels like it has been longer than the last time around. Perhaps it's my mind getting the better of me--thinking that things are so different. Yet, things aren't that different. At least, not so much so that I can't handle it.

For now, though, I wait. There is time enough to do the things I need to do and time enough for everything to get figured out as this school year approaches. Everything in its time and in its place.


Blue said...

That's great! Sounds like things are finally moving foreward for you! ( I wish I had the motivation to make everything move Hope it all works out for ya!

Bree said...


Didcha miss me?

I bet you did.

Don't lie.

You know you missed me.

Come on, admit it.


Oh, do I have stories (and photos!).

12 days? Shit, bitch! I'm guessing you'll need somewhere to stay. And you better come get your white-trash brigade car outta my driveway....punk ass bitch. XD jk Let me know if you need somewhere to live until you, ah...find somewhere to live. :)

Oh, have no idea.

Thister said...

Hey! Yeah! I'm glad things are finally moving along, Blue. It seems like forever and a day has passed by and I haven't gotten anything really done until now. Thank God things are finally looking up :)

Yes, I'll admit it: I missed you! I managed to get some things done, but I never actually got one speech done while you were away. It's on its way to being done now though. I think I might end out my time in Germany with two speeches done total. Oh, and sorry about the e-mail. I could've swore I sent it to your gmail and apparently I didn't send it to Chace. XD I must have been really tired the night I typed it up or something. Kewl! I can't wait to hear the stories :) And yeah, I don't know about housing yet so that's why we need to talk before I go back. Hahah! It's not a big deal, but it is something that needs to be discussed. It's also the reason they have Econolodges. :P

I'll check both of you later when you're online or through e-mail.

magnetic_poet said...

Wayne, once you have speeches done, send them to me! I am, after all, the English-major-manuscript-GURU and I'm dead set on helping people with their manuscripts before they start to memorize :-P

Thister said...

Hey Nancy!

Of course! I'm nearing the end of this speech and I'm going to send it out to Marty, Lacey, and you to review. Three different perspectives should make it three times beter! :)

Expect it soon!

carebear said...

hey bro!
thanks for everything and yes we all have been strong..we know it it's just a matter of time know...well just thought that i would post..haven't done that in a while..haha..miss ya!

Thister said...

Miss ya too sis!

You're in my prayers!

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