Friday, October 16, 2009

In an attempt to make my empty apartment feel a little bit more like home, I have been purchasing frames and processing photos. Although they don't do much to fill up the place in terms of space, they do make it look more like home and, at the very least, the place is not so dull anymore.

These photos are hanging right by the kitchen in the "dining room" area (that has nothing in it).

These photos are hanging in the slim hallway next to the bathroom.

In other good news, I finally got my couch...err "metro sleeper" from Urban Outfitters. It's incredibly comfortable and lightweight, but it is quite small. It will work nice in my office in the future, but for now I have it out in the living room since there was no seating out in the area. Pitch is modeling it off, MadMen Style.

Again, I am still patiently attempting to fill in all the empty spaces. Slowly, but surely.


Kristen said...

The photos look great! I've lived in my house for a year now and still don't have anything on any walls. Except the living room. It is my oasis of style.

Thister said...

Haha! I know what that's like! I lived in my last apartment for two years without hanging anything up. The walls were cinderblock, so it was hard to put anything up to begin with. Plus, I never really felt ambitious enough to do it.

At least it makes this place look a little better.

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