Monday, October 05, 2009

Last night I wrote two letters, or rather e-mails, to my future self as reminders of the past and hopes for the future. I do not know what prompted me to do this or how I even found, but I can say that the experience was surreal.

As I wrote the letters I felt a strange sense of nostalgia and uncertainty. It felt strange to seal a message for the future, referencing the present in vivid detail so as to remember it as the past. At the same time, it felt oddly liberating and enjoyable. I began to wonder what the future might hold and what I would think of the message I had written in the future: would they make sense, would they take me back in time in my thoughts, would they help me improve if I had gone astray from my aspirations? For a few moments I was lost in my thoughts. I wanted to make sure that what I wrote was meaningful—that it conveyed a sense for the current condition and faith that, despite the ups and downs of life, remained resolute. I also wanted to make sure that I remembered the situation in which I wrote the letters: the moment of transition and the feeling of wonder.

And so the letters were sealed and sent to the future.


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