Friday, October 09, 2009

Paul Virilio. Unlike previous class periods in my media course, which, I must add, is the most hectic course I have ever taken (there are 19 people in the graduate course and that IS crazy when there are usually only 5-9), I felt more prepared than anyone else tonight. I not only read both books almost in their entirety, but I also clearly articulated interesting points and questions that got the class discussing Paul Virilio's work. Oh, Virilio!

Acorns. There are numerous poplar and acorn trees that litter the campus. Although it is still 68-88 degrees here, it is clear that, to some extent, fall has slowly started. This means that wind and rain occur a little more frequently, but neither are generally problematic. However, in recent weeks, the wind has picked up and we have had to literally dodge the acorns that are on death missions from their vantage points on high. I'm not kidding! The acorns come down looking for BLOOD! Fortunately I dodged all acorns both on the way to and from the bar!

Adults. I talked with my good friend tonight to help reassure her about the decision she was making. What's more, though, it was the first time during our conversations over the last two weeks that I realized that we have not only come a long way from where we were, but also that we are adults. We make decisions for better or worse of our own accord and we are ultimately better for them. We don't rely on our parents to guide our focus, we instead rely on ourselves and the notion that personal growth is what is best.


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