Thursday, October 15, 2009

Postcards. I love postcards! Today I picked up some swanky postcards to send to family and friends. They are not only great to send and receive, but they are wonderful disruptive devices that I use to reward myself for getting stuff done in a timely manner (I know, NERD ALERT!). One of the boxes that I bought is a series of 30 amazingly baleful, melancholic, whimsy, and hip postcards of the art by Jordan Crane. I love his artwork and I am seriously having a tough time deciding which cards to send to others and which ones I want to keep and frame!

Rain. Autumn in the North Carolina is quite different from autumn in Idaho. Instead of leaves changing colors and borderline freezing temperatures we get rain and gray skies. I know some people were depressed by it today, but I certainly welcomed the crisp air and dampness—it was refreshing. Unfortunately, though, the leaves aren't really changing colors here like they do in Idaho. I've been told that, due to our location, the leaves don't really change too much in general unless it gets much cooler. Although I might not get to see the season change the color of the leaves, I am happy that I am experiencing something new. Plus, it's nice to see everyone walking around with umbrellas.

Curtains. With the weather getting colder, I decided to hang up some roman shades to cover the windows. It was fun to drill into the wall—to do something with my hands instead of my mind—and to hang up something that is not only stylish, but also eco-friendly! I can already tell that to room is warmer than yesterday and now I am sure that when I sleep it will be even more like a coma! Huzzah!


bardot said...

joran crane is awesome. good choice! i would save a set for myself and send the rest.

by the way, i need your new address!

Bree said...

Positive Positive, not Negative Negative! I love ya, bro!

Also, when I read It's not only stylish, but eco-friendly!, I totally heard the ShamWOW! guy's voice in my head. Maybe you missed your true calling as an informercial spokesman? haha

Thister said...

Bardot: I am totally considering buying another set for me, as well as some of his prints! LOVE IT!

Bree: Hahah! I don't think I want to take over where Billy Mays left off: cocaine addiction and a heart attack while selling Oxy Clean! (Too soon?!)

Bree said...

No no no, the ShamWOW! guy is the one that went to prison for assaulting a prostitute. Sheesh! Get it RIGHT! ;)

Thister said...

Well if it includes prostitutes, SIGN ME UP!

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