Monday, March 26, 2007

I know you've been downloading music lately. Or rather, I am guessing that you have been. Either way, I am curious if anyone else has noticed the accretion in Spanish lyrics by various popular artists that generally have no affiliation with Spanish culture. Jason Mraz. Avril Lavigne. Beyonce.

I understand the "need" to target the burgeoning audience of Latin Americans, but honestly, if you don't speak the language why are you singing in it. I think if you're going to sing in a foreign language and have someone else tell you how to pronounce the words, you are cheap and a bit of a sell out. It'd be one thing if you were being genuine about it and thought it would be a cool idea to produce a song because you decided to buy Rosetta Stone language software (which I totally want, but am too broke to afford at the moment!). However, we all know that you music stars are probably spending your monies on booze, clothing, cosmetics, and cars.

At least Jason Mraz's Spanish version of The Beauty in Ugly has some warrant. As for everyone else, quit trying to whore yourself out to another market. You aren't multilingual, so quit pretending.


Bree said...

Mr. A-Z wrote the song with's brother. So I think that gives him a little street-cred. But I'm biased. ;)

Thister said...

I think his work is legitimate based on that and the fact that the show he wrote it for links to Latin American culture.

What I don't like, however, is how some people throw a Spanish speaking person in the song just to link to to the Latin market OR try to speak spanish when they obviously could care less. Beyonce. Avril. Who is next?

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