Monday, March 19, 2007

Bree sent me this story. Fascinating ad used to spark controversy and pull people toward one person before the primaries.

However, where this article cites the ad as negative and likens it to mudslinging seen in all politics, I contend otherwise. I think it's hilarious more than unfortunate or unscrupulous. In fact, I think it works against both Obama and Clinton because it makes them both look like bumbling fools who cannot maintain the democratic base they already have without pushing to gain more. Look, I know politics is about a war for the hearts and minds votes of the greater populace (i.e. those people that reside in California, New York, Texas, Florida, Ohio), but producing an illusory ad that alludes to some sort of Orwellian future is ridiculous. Instead of targeting people in party ads from the democrats should promote what the candidates support and how they differ from republicans. There is no reason to try and kill people off in the party if the presidential hopefuls are honest in their politics, if they are working for the good of their party and for the good of America.

Instead, we get ads like these that distort the public image of these people and the party they stand for.

It is ineffective. Plain and simple. In fact, I liken it to this mock ad from Futurama.

In other words, why should I care about this ad when it does nothing. It does not inspire. It does not display facts. It does not create a better image for anyone involved.

It distorts. It contorts the images of the two people involved and tries to create a juxtaposition that is largely unfounded. It tries to make the average American not vote or be in favor of Hillary Clinton, but it also cuts back at Barak Obama at the same time. It is an attempt to make the average American confused, and in this state of confusion it attempts to depress voters or those interested either person. This isn't how it should be. As the ads start earlier and earlier, as the campaigns kick off and build in momentum, people need to avoid the misconceptions and seek the truth. Don't rely on the television. Don't rely on the commercials and ads you see. Rely on information you can obtain and read. Rely on records. Rely on what is known, not what is speculated. Get involved and quit being inactive. This is what is wrong with politics in America.


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...So I take it you thought it was as interested in this as I was. ;)

Bree said..., I meant "...So I take it you thought this was as interesting as I did." LOL

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