Saturday, August 26, 2006

It is surprising how each semester differs in difficulty. One semester you can take 18 credits and it will be mildly difficult; another semester you can take 14 credits and it will drain the life from you. This semester is starting out as the latter of the two.

While I only have class Monday through Thursday, I've concluded that I am on campus for approximately 12 hours each of those days. Between work, day classes, and night classes, I think it's possible that this will be the most exhausting semester on record for me. (Caffeine pills need not apply, though. Coffee will do just fine.) The classes I am taking are extremely fascinating and I'm ebullient about each, but I don't know if my body feels the same day after day. I'm confident all will be well this semester, though. After all, I have Fridays open!

On another note, my car is having problems again. Somehow, while driving around yesterday, one of my tires either became flat or knocked itself off of the rim. While I was a little miffed, this wasn't that big a deal. I simply replaced the tire with my spare; but, because I'm not meant to have it easy (and because my car is old AND because I suspect God has it out for me with my car [seriously!]), I soon found out that the spare was near flat. I knew I couldn't get far with the deflating spare, but I also realized that I needed to move my car form its current location. At the time, my car was in a parking lot away from where I could see it on a more frequent basis. Assessing that it was, indeed, high-traffic rush hour, I decided to drive my car a little closer to home. As I drove down the street with my emergency lights flashing, almost every car or person that saw my car honked their own. While I appreciated their concerns and boisterous yellings ("Hey!! Your tire is FLAT!" OR "DUUUUDE! Park your car!"), I was beyond circumspect of what I was doing and the potential risk involved.

Five minutes later I managed to make it to a safe location and parked my car. I called a local automobile specialist in hopes that they could come to my location and help me with my car; but I soon found out that they were too busy to provide their "hallmark friendly service." They suggested I call a tow truck, but, of course, that would cost a little extra. Again, I tried to explain my situation to the specialist I was talking to, but he still didn't seem to care. By the end of the call I was so incredibly vexed that I half wanted to go down to this tire specialist and shove the spare up his ass. However, I remained composed enough, saying "Thanks for the friendly service!" before hanging up on the specialist without a reply. Honestly, I absolutely hate it when my car craps out on me; but it's even worse when a service specialist doesn't care.

By the end of the whole ordeal I decided that it was time to buy a bike. I honestly do not think I can handle another car crapout, especially when no one cares enough to help. I think if I had a bike it would be easier to maintain and healthier to use. It'd be harder to carry stuff around, but I'd figure something out. I think this is the only probable solution since I won't be getting a new car with my lackluster budget.

Finally, my good friend and I discovered Daria on Youtube the other night! We watched some episodes together, reminisced about the past, and laughed most of the evening away. I wonder why MTV hasn't released Daria on DVD yet? Any ideas? They've released Beavis and Butthead, but I'm assuming that the market isn't exactly stellar. Beavis and Butthead was culturally iconic to MTV, but I always thought that Daria went beyond Beavis and Butthead. It was smart, satirical, and humorous without being asinine or slapstick like its predecessor. Hey MTV! Quit producing crap like the Real World, Road Rules, and TRL! Instead, take some time to release Daria on DVD. I guarantee that Daria's DVD debut would garner some commercial gain for your capitalistic piggy bank. Sure, it's not a cheap cashcow like the aforementioned shows, but Daria fans are true to the show and would, I conjecture, buy every season on DVD. Think about it!

Damn, I miss Daria.


Bree said...

Dude. I'm your "BFF", not your "good friend". Get it RIGHT! LMAO just kidding.

But seriously. BFF.

Seriously just kidding. (or am I?)

I am. O_o

RockSteady said...

Diarrhea, cha cha cha... diarrhea, cha cha cha.

Ohhhh... it's not funny, but it is. Beavis and Butthead just put a little extra je ne sais quoi into the world, you know?

But Daria did too, definitely. If they can put friggin' Saved by the Bell on DVD, then Daria should most definitely be on DVD.

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