Saturday, August 05, 2006

On Thursday, one of my fellow classmates posed a hypothesis about professors. She said that professors obviously have no lives because they research only the most mundane and esoteric items on the face of the planet, do not tan, do not wear sunglasses, do not play with their children, and clearly never have sex.

After doing research on baseball films and their impacts on and reflections of American culture, I'm starting to agree.

Random Update (8:38 P.M.): Reading and researching for these papers has been so intense and time consuming that I've had to resort to using my glasses. Yes, I have glasses. Glasses I haven't worn my since freshmen year! WTF!


pat said...

pretty much all my professors from college fit that category.

well, except for this one. he was tan and had a hot wife...and he was really stupid, so maybe that fits after all.


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