Sunday, August 13, 2006

Woohoo! One whole week off before school starts back up for the fall. Talk about livin' it up while I can! I've got some crazy things planned this weekend before school starts, namely heading down to Nevada with some buddies and taking a shot at gambling. I don't plan on bringing a lot of money to play with, but I do want to have enough to have a good time. In any case, it should be relieving and fun and a great way to kick off my Senior year. I'm looking forward to it.

Between now and then, though, I'm working on those items that I needed to work on a long time ago. Speeches. GRE Studying. Good time relaxation in the form of a good book. A week is not a lot of time to work with, but it's time enough to get enough done before the first day of class. Besides, I work good under pressure and time constraints. Apparently my work is at its best when I am stressed. Heh!

Here's to a week before Senior year!


Bree said...

haha! The Wheel of Fortune game was my favorite...WHY OH WHY didn't I cash out!? Gambler's remorse. LOL!

At least I got a CSI shirt, eh?

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