Saturday, January 02, 2010

I have to admit that I am not too fond of New Year's resolutions. It has been my experience that most resolutions are broken or forgotten in the daily and weekly happenings of a year. Hence, I typically do not usually make resolutions.

Yet, this year, I feel that I can write a list of resolutions and then use this blog to keep tabs on them from time to time. Although some of these resolutions may be broken or forgotten as the year progresses, I figure that it is worth my time and efforts to have some annual goals to keep me motivated when the days run thin this year. Besides, who said having goals was a bad thing?

In thinking about what I want to be able to do by next year, I have taken inventory of the many situations I have encountered over the last year and have artfully attempted to detail a litany of practical intent. Although some of this items may not be completed at all or fully, I think the merits are in the effort. Without further ado:

    Resolutions for 2010
  1. Learn to be more forgiving of others.
  2. Be more honest in my thoughts and opinions and let others know how I feel.
  3. Run at least one half marathon by the end of the year.
  4. Become more fit, primarily with my upper body.
  5. Get six-pack abs!
  6. Learn two foreign languages. (I've selected Czech, which I will be taking courses in for the year, and French, which will be completed in part through RosettaStone and conversations with Hillary the French Master!.)
  7. Take more pictures and become a better photographer.
  8. Get a paper in the publication process.
  9. Get two papers to a conference (or two).
  10. Get rid of my credit card debt and keep the new balance below $500 thereafter.
  11. Begin saving up to $5000 for the day I leave North Carolina.

Not only do these resolutions run the gamut of my personal life, but I also think they provide for plenty of blog-worthy material. That is, hopefully I will quit blogging about my tumultuous times with fame monsters, unruly students, and other oddballs in my life! (One could only hope, right?) Furthermore, it is my hope that I will be able to keep track of my progress on each of these resolutions and continue to make good on as many of them as possible if I remind myself of my progress. In this sense, then, I hope that by giving life to these resolutions that they become just that--firm decisions for action.

Cheers to 2010! May it be a year of painful growth, joy, sadness, and resolve.


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