Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thanks to my rockstar parents and smashing sister, I got a sweet new digital camera for my birthday. However, because it's winter and because Boise is dull (at least the parts that I run, walk, and traverse to and fro), I have decided to do themed photo editing projects just for kicks!

This week I have selected the theme "Prospectus Patronus" in light of the journey of finishing my prospectus. I also thought this would be hilarious since my colleagues and I talked about a new set of Harry Potter books for academics. Our first book will be titled "Ryan Learner and the Embittered Marxist!" The title is not only gender-neutral, but also reflects a feminist focus that allows men, women and transgenders to become one with the main character who could, in fact, be any of the three! Hahaha!

Therefore, I am going to attempt to construct a book cover in a theme similar to Harry Potter using my photos and free photoshop software. Since I will not be using high-end software, it is likely that the book cover will not be amazing. Instead, I am attempting to have fun with my camera and photos in a creative release time away from my thesis.

Give me until next Monday!


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