Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today, for a class project, I thought it would be a good idea to buy a box of legos. This week we're exploring micro and macro structure in the sociocultural tradition and I thought it would be a near perfect way to examine how we create structures. What I forgot, however, was how much I love legos.

I haven't played with legos since I was seven, err nine, err... thirteen. Hell, I could be wrong about that too! I am, however, confident that the last time I played with my legos was before middle school because only socially-handicapped people who were on the debate team or card-holding members of the mathletes continued to play with them. Of course, I was on the debate team; but not until high school. So, ipso facto, I could've still played with them up to high school, but I assure you that I did not. At least, that's what I want you to think!

So, today, after spending thirty dollars on a three-in-one set of legos, I totally couldn't resist the urge to bust open the box and break into the plastic bags to build a house. In fact, I could hardly contain myself while working on serious grad school work that needed to be completed. It was almost like the inner child in me was crying for release or, perhaps, I met the threshold of my sanity for the day. Either way I ripped into the box when I got home and spent the next hour and ten minutes making one of the three options. As you can clearly see, my beach house design is freaking amazing. Large open windows. A balcony. Cobblestone walkways and a grill.

Of course, I did rely on the guidebook. What? It's not like I had a whole collection of sets to make my own house! Although, if I had more lego sets I totally would've gone crazy and made my own little abode!

Who says you can't relive the childhood you have within you? Either that or grad school really has pushed me over the edge. I'm siding with the good nature of release and creativity, though. I have to for my own sake!


Bree said...

Oh my god I have the most adorable best friend EVAR!!!!!1!

bardot said...

so jealous of your bbq grill and volume ceiling!

Thister said...

Haha! Thanks!

The sad part is that I had to take the house apart today so that we can do our activity in class tomorrow.

On the plus side: guess who's building a cafe or an apartment this weekend?

That's right!

Now I might need to invest in more legos.

carebear said...

That just made my day by making me giggle and Smile!

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