Sunday, November 16, 2008

Recently I was asked to create the flyer and poster for my department's bi-annual event, the speech showcase. Since my 9 page syllabus sparked interest in my graphic design skills (Yes, I seriously had people telling me that all 9 pages were beautiful), I accepted the invitation. As you can see above, I developed three flyers/posters.

Since it is winter, I am guessing that the blue ones are going to be more popular. Therefore, I only submitted the left and right ones to my consultant. I personally like the one on the left because it is more fun and lively. It is also seasonal! I still like the right one, but I feel it is too conventional and, therefore, somewhat boring.

What do you think? Any suggestions on anything I should change, delete or add?


Bree said...

Other than the typo on "finalist" (shouldn't it be plural?) I like the blue one best. The text over the graphic highlights that it's a speaking engagement and not an open mic night for American Idol. The red one is so eye-catching, it's my second choice.

PS When did they downsize from 8 to 6?

Thister said...

Yeah, I fixed that after I saw my post, but I did not want to re-post the picture.

I really like the first two because they are unconventional and more engaging to a younger audience.

They decided to drop from 8 to 6 when they realized that the audience was leaving after the fifth and six speakers. Simply put, it was too long. As it is now, the event usually only runs about an hour to an hour and half long. They've cut it down big time (along with the scholarship money)!

Bree said...

Huh, good catch on their part. I thought the number was selected based on the number of sections they had of Comm 101? I've been out of the department too long, I guess. Regardless, I think you made a good choice! The blue looks great.

patrick said...

We really are friends. I could not agree more. Studio 60 was one of the best shows I'd seen in years before they took it out.

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