Sunday, November 09, 2008

Lately, in our building, there has been a piss perpetrator. He has pissed on the seat of the bathroom almost everyday for the last month and half and nothing was done. The GTAs, including myself, were highly concerned, but afraid to post a flyer for fear we would lose our bathroom privileges. Some of us even cleaned up the messes so that we wouldn't get blamed for the piss perpetrator's nastiness and lack of cleanliness and concern for others.

Fortunately, we shouldn't have to worry about it as much now. The former debate coach (one of my favorite professors) and smart-ass extraordinaire posted the flyer linked above.

Hopefully the pisser finally hits the can, properly.


Bree said...

This sounds like something Marty would write...LOL

Thister said...

Yeah. What worse is that Professor Peewee Ballzac, in true passive-aggressive form, decided to write a note of his own about the kitty litter and the pissy smell it left in the bathroom. So, naturally, the bathroom is becoming an off-limits zone for all GTAs because the professors are battling it out.

Who knew the faculty/staff bathroom could become the object of a great fight?

Bree said...

So...Wollheim? Tell him to go harvest some worms.

Thister said...

Yeah. Marty tore down the sign and I think an e-mail battle has ensued. It fallout will be most intriguing, for sure.

I'm still going downstairs, though.

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