Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Now that I have had time to refocus my energies, I feel better. While I cannot say I am back to 100%, I can say that I have been able to get over some the mental hurdles that appeared over the last two weeks. Most of the confusion has dissipated, leaving me time to recollect my thoughts and refine my actions. In the end, as always, I am marking it down to learning.

I still haven't become fully motivated, but I feel better knowing that I have found something to latch onto to keep me moving. It isn't much right now, but it is all I need to get by. Of course, some of you may think that Prozak would help; but I am not depressed (at least not clinically).

The morose and mundane aside, I have found some amazing music for fans of "Something Corporate" or "Jack's Mannequin". I highly recommend you check out "Making April" and their album "Runaway World." The album is a well-woven symphony of melodic piano rock with various high-note, low-beats, and everything in between. The songs flow together, each, though the vivid, precise, and intelligent lyrics, depict dramatic scenes and stories. I especially enjoy "Jump In," "I Wrote This Song," and "Roses and Butterflies" (don't knock it until you hear them)!

Now, if only I could see them in concert.


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