Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I'm ready to return home for the last semester of my undergraduate experience. It is always hard to leave home, but it's even harder to leave this time around. There's no apprehension nor hesitation, though. Break was excellent. It was everything that I needed it to be. Being with my family and having time to relax allowed me to refocus and return prepared to take on the next five months.

Still, I'm sad to say goodbye. Germany and Europe are, in a funny way, home to me more than anywhere else in the world. Leaving them and potentially not returning anytime soon makes my heart sink. I've enjoyed my time, but I always wish I had more of it. At least my time was best spent with family.

Now it's off to Idaho and back to school. This semester is going to be eventful and I plan to relish and revel in every moment of it (even the bad). Here's to the beginning of the end and a positive outlook through and through.


carebear said...

hey sunshine...just let me know when you get back to!

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