Sunday, July 09, 2006

My summer classes begin tomorrow and while I'm more confident about taking them now, I'm still uncertain. I'm not entirely sure what was running through my mind when I signed up for these two classes that happen to be with the same professor, but obviously I wasn't thinking too clearly. Apparently I completely ditched my recently proclaimed cardinal rule of not taking two or more classes with the same professor.

Last semester I was taking two classes from the same professor and, although she was nice, she drove me insane. In the end I got two A's, but the replicated schedule for both of her classes annoyed me and kept me up many a night. I ended up doing double the assignments, quizzes, tests, and reading for the same day. I suppose I should be used to it as I head into these two classes, but I'm slightly worried only because two classes with this professor could be more than I bargained for. Yet, as I look back at that last sentence I realize I'm freaking out when I shouldn't be. After all, there are other students out there that bust through way more classes or credits than I do at any given time, so this shouldn't be that big a deal.

Two classes, four books, a couple of tests, a few papers and essays. Five weeks. Count it down!

UPDATE: I think I've found another favorite fundamentally shattering book comparable to Amy Chua's "World On Fire" thanks to one of my summer classes. Honestly, where was this book when Hill and I debated the Iraq War? It's seriously AMAZING!


Bree said...

Whoo! Fun times. Four weeks, six days! XD

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