Sunday, July 30, 2006

Guess what I did this weekend? That's right! I studied and researched paper topics for my summer classes. Talk about one hell of a party with search engines and databases! They were all over me; and I, them.

At least I got something good out of my in-depth efforts. Great information for stellar citations. Jeez! I might as well get that shirt that says "Talk Nerdy To Me." It's seriously the story of my life.

On the plus side of this geekiness, one of my favorite movies of all time comes out on August 1st: V for Vendetta! Fsck yeah! You'd better bet I'll be buying it on that day and the special two-disc edition no less! "Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vichi" (Faust). If you haven't seen it I recommend you do!


RockSteady said...

Both you and Bree are very obviously quite taken with this "V for Vendetta" movie -- I'll have to rent it tomorrow night (er... tonight? When did it get this late?)

BTW, I linked your blog on my page. Hope that's OK!

RockSteady said...

OK, that last comment made more sense in my time zone... it's 12:46am here.

Thister said...

Hey rocksteady! Hopefully you get to watch the "V for Vendetta" in the near future. Tonight, tomorrow, whenever! ;) It's worth the money to rent, but especially worth the money to buy!

Bree said...

V for Vendetta rocks my world (the book too)

bardot said...

err, i haven't read the comic nor seen the movie. i'm a bad nerd.

Thister said...

I haven't read the comic, but I plan on reading it soon. I also want to get the writers' other book, The Watchmen. Supposedly they are both excellent reads.

As for the movie, you're missing out! Of course, it's not like you can't rent it or buy it. It's an excellent dark story with sexy cinematography.

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