Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I just need more
There's never enough
No, not even in a single day
It's one of those days, and another day;
and soon, I'm too far behind to see the light

I'm slipping.
Afraid of falling.
In absence; loss of sight.
My hands and fingernails...torn.
grasping these jagged edges; the warmth disappears
and eventually, I don't feel anymore; I'm scraped and numb

Unable to look beyond.
The atmosphere condensed
Harder to breathe; the rain falls
and the bitter chill of helplessness sets in.
stabbing through my strength, weakening my being

Closing in.
Shutting down.
Suspended for a moment
adrift in thoughts from then; control.
Thoughts when there was more than me; you.
and the rain continues as my heart questions the difference

The burden; oppressive.
Yet, the question of self echoes
The song reflected and amplified; lingers.
I'm giving all of me; Proof of progress in continuation.
there is more in time, and in place; words re-examined, enforced.

The rains slowly dissipate
and I've moved only an inch ahead; blind.
Nothing is missing, and in everything there is something found.
Withdrawn only in uncertainty; the numbing ensues, except from within
I breathe the bitter air cutting through my lungs with reason and I know I'm not alone.


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