Wednesday, March 17, 2004

So many things I haven't said to you
I wish I had, I know I should.
"Selfish, you whore...I knew you would."

The pictures and letters cast aside
Burning as the memories fade...

These words I will not say
Even in truth, to you they'd be cold
and be it far from me to say how you are sold.

And as each ash falls to the ground
I begin to question the events before I let go...

Did any of it mean anything at all?
To someone you say you are true
But when I questioned, it was just "nothing" to you

The pieces are gone now
But I won't deny that you were part of me...

It's nothing. It's nothing.
Time spent, time wasted, time given away
and ever so simple for you to betray

And as the rift follows between you
and me; at least I am able to move on and know I'm not

Note: I started writing this last week and just finished it now.


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