Thursday, March 18, 2004

Fuck whores and cheaters
whose ways will lead you astray
for nothing that they say is true
and all they'll ever do is make an ass of you

Fuck whores and cheaters
who's actions you thought you could trust
but in the end, as it began,
you find you are left in the dust

Fuck whores and cheaters
who's love you thought you held
proclaiming everything of you, to you, to everyone
yet you were never number one

For this whore and that cheater;
they've never cared for you
you were just a passover
until they could find someone else to screw
Yes, you were just a simple step
along their neverending way
a crossover to their next fucking lay

Fuck whores and cheaters
fuck them indeed
the ones you thought you cared for
are the ones who fuck you up the ass until you bleed

And that whore and this cheater;
they'll leave you blind
playing with all of you
until you finally see you're being fucked from behind
Yes, you are just something to play with
a simple little toy
living in a world they will destroy

So fuck whores and cheaters;
for the things that they'll do
the things they'll say, and tell you
Fuck them before they get a chance to
Be ready for the turn, and arch back
you don't need some fucking liar
or some skanky hack


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