Sunday, September 10, 2006

The phone rings. It's 11:50 and I'm chill'n on my bed, reading a book for on of my classes. I have a special ringer for this person, so I know who it is and I start to smile. I know why this person is calling at this time and I only wish I could talk to her in person. I open the phone to hear loud music in the background,

"HEY! HOW ARE YOU?!" yells Steph through the transceiver.


"HOLD ON, I'M GOING TO GO OUTSIDE SO I CAN HEAR YOU!" She yells as I hear the country-rock music fade in the distance. "Ok, are you there still" she says softly.

"Of course! Sounds like you're having a blast!" I say enthusiastically.

"Hell yeah, I am! I'm so plastered! It's great! Dude, schmirnoff and lemonade is excellent!"

I ponder the mix and reply, "Indeed! Sounds like you're getting ready for the big 21 and you're kicking it of with a bang! Damn, I wish I could be there!"

"ME TOO! We'd have suck a fucking blast! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I love you, you know, as a friend. So, thanks man!" She slurs her words slightly, but is fully coherent. Steph always makes me laugh, drinking or not; her jocular demeanor always foments laughter within me.

"Well, I love you too, buddy! I'm glad to hear that you're having an excellent time and that you're practically 21!"

She chuckles and then says, "Yeah! 24 more hours, beotch! I can't wait! I've had so much to drink!"

"That's the way it should be! Party hardy my friend!" I retort in amusement.

"So, anyway, I just figured you'd get a good laugh out of my phone call. Maybe I'll call you when it's later tomorrow evening so that you have to wake up!" She laughs as her voice trails off.

I laugh and say, "Well, I was going to call you, but you can call me!"

"AWESOME! Well then, I'm going to go inside and get more plastered. Should I call you when I'm sober or drunk?"

"Oh, I don't care. You know I enjoy talking to you whenever you call. Plastered. Sober. Whatever."

"Kewl! Cuz' I'm gonna get so drunk tomorrow too!" She laughs and then says goodbye. I reply the same, laughing, all the while wishing I could be there for her birthday or doing the same.

Happy 21st Birthday Steph!! If we do hang out this year you know we will party it up like no other!!


Stephanie said...

I pro drinking. I bought my pool table and i need a truck.

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