Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I've been in such a great mood since the debate tournament this weekend. Huzzah! It has truly been amazing. Sure, there have been some silly and stupid things going on all around me, but they don't matter. At least, I've pushed them from my mind or simply ignored them. I'm happy and focused. Stressed, but relaxed.

The perfect prelude to my birthday and a great weekend. Now if it would only stay this way for a little longer still.

Post Script (11:55 P.M.): I forgot to add, in light of my birthday, my incalculable thanks to my parents for EVERYTHING they have done for me and continue to do. Without them, their love and their support (and their money!), I wouldn't be here today doing what I do. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for being the rock'n rad parents I'm blessed and beyond fortunate to have. If only my thanks were enough for everything you do for me, as well as mean to me!


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