Saturday, September 05, 2009

Things seemed to have settled, more and more, over the last couple of weeks now that school has started. My schedule is still a bit hectic, particularly because I have not figured out how to balance my time at school and at home, and because I haven't figured out how exactly to get to campus on the days I teach.

I know how to get to campus with the bus system and I have done it frequently, but I have to clarify something here: I don't like riding the bus when I am dressed up in my nice slacks and dress shirt. I could care less that I'm dressed up and riding to school around people that are dressed normally. No. This is different. I care about the fact that I am dapper for too long.

Yes, you read that correctly. I do not like to be dressed up for extended periods of time. Don't get me wrong. I know I look amazing in a pleated pair of gray slacks and a finely pressed blue button-up shirt with a sexy silk tie, and the ladies all confirm this; I, however, dislike the way the clothes feel on my skin after a few hours. I know it is entirely psychological, but after being "suited up" for three to four hours, I desperately want to rip my clothes off (and, no, I do not want to run around naked). It is almost like I have a sticker all over my body and I can't pull it off until I am home, which is not until late in the evening.

Maybe I'm just mental?

I suppose all of it wouldn't be so bad if I either lived closer to campus or if I could store my suits in the office; neither of which are options. So, I guess I need to figure out this alleged semi-formal style that includes walking around in a blazer with jeans. I'm not fond of this option, mainly because I think it is a little douchey, but it seems like it would be the easiest solution because I could use the blazer as outwear. Plus, I suppose it would demonstrate that I'm still the authority figure of the class. Who knows, though?

This has been my random dilemma for the last two classes I taught. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.

On a completely tangential note, a friend of mine pointed me toward 2081. As you can tell from the video link before, 2081 is a new movie that is soon to theaters. What you might not know, though, is that it is Hollywood's take on Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron. Watch the video and check it out for yourself:

What do you think? On the one hand the movie is a little unsettling, particularly because the short story seems too short to be a fully length movie. On the other hand, the movie looks promising in terms of vision and scope. Plus, Patricia Clarkson (from Six Feet Under and Lars and the Real Girl) is the narrator of this dystopian take on the future of an egalitarian utopia.


Bree said...

Jeans with a blazer looks just fine! There's also the ever popular pull-over sweater option. Sometimes, just pairing some more formal shoes with a buttoned shirt and dark jeans is dressy enough. You'll look sharp no matter what you wear. :)

Thister said...

Haha! Thanks! You sound like a consultant for GAP and I appreciate that.

Bree said...

You know how much I love men's wear...maybe we can do an iChat fashion show! Long-distance dressing! lol

Thister said...

Actually, we should do that! Or at the very least you can tell me if the blazers I am looking at are good enough.

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