Thursday, April 16, 2009

I've been trucking along on my thesis lately, trying my best not to let the stress of the entire project bear on me to the point that I can no longer work on it. Some days are easier than others; I get a lot of work done when I can get "in the zone" and find myself enjoying the process of coding and writing. Other days are harder; I fall behind in my schedule of work, attempting to balance my research with my insane teaching load.

Still, I'm pushing myself to get through all of it because I know I am capable of finishing this milestone in my life.

Everything I have done has led me to this point in my life. Every action, every decision, and every mistake have propelled me to this juncture, resolutely affirming my presence in the here and now. I know I belong here and I know that, for all of my time at this point, I am going to continue to move on past it and be stronger for it.

In this process of making the comfortable uncomfortable—of who I am and who I will be—I am unwavering in my determination. Although the thesis may get me down from time to time, I will not let it consume me and reduce me to doubt and uncertainty. I will rise to this challenge, vivified, unwavering, and secure in myself.

I am a fighter and you are witness to the champion in me.


carebear said...

Yes you will become stronger with continuing on swimming. You will become the person that you are seeking to be at the end of all of this. Just Smile and move on, keep chugging will make it through all of this no matter what...hehe

Kristen said...

You can do it! How well I remember the slog to the thesis finish line... Keep plugging away and it will be finished before you know it. Good luck!!

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