Sunday, June 22, 2008

After two interviews and a lot of running around and applying for multiple jobs, I finally landed a job for the summer. The job isn't particularly glamourous, but it is worthwhile and manageable. I'll basically be on the phone all day from 9 to 5 sort of telemarketing, except that I am not selling anything. Instead, I'll be asking businesses to donate money to our non-profit organization.

I can already tell that I will do well with the job, but that it will require a great deal of disassociation on my part. In this light, it is going to be a challenge because I will have to avoid becoming too invested in the work that I do. However, given the nature of this job (mainly, the non-stop calling) and the fact that it is a temporary position, I should be able to slide on by for the next six weeks (or more, if I decide to stay a little longer). Plus, the job pays a great deal more than any of the other positions I applied to. It will give me the extra and necessary cashflow that I will need for the rest of the summer.

Aside from that, the next six weeks will also involve continued training for the 10K and half-marathon I plan to race in within the next two to four months. Although I thought I was improving on my time over the last few weeks, my Nike+ seems to think otherwise. Apparently the treadmill runs do not produce near the same mileage as they claim to. Either that, or my Nike+ calculates distance with pace and stride so precise that I am going to have to avoid the treadmill for my remaining runs. Either way, I was planning on kicking curbside over the next week anyway. Still, it is a little annoying to not know my exact pace. Also, I need to figure out how to stop my shin splints from flaring up. Although I do not run too intensely, I typically mange to upset my shins enough that I have to ice them down. It's painful and time consuming because it throws off my running schedule for at least two days. With any luck, though, my change of terrain will help me get stronger and run longer. Plus, my Lance Armstrong workout will totally help me kick my ass into shape.

So, six weeks (or seven) weeks to the finish. Think I can manage?


Bree said...

Si, tu puedo!

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