Friday, June 13, 2008

11.5 months. The items are in place and the reverse calendar is set. Each date is a milestone, a benchmark of completion that will will keep me going and push me further. My life is planned and I plan to stay organized and on task.

In a zen-like way, my life is balanced. Although it is far from certain, the balance will hopefully be maintained and I'll be able to enjoy whatever comes my way. My academic goals will run alongside my personal goals, each enriching the other. It's exciting and promising!

For now, I am continuing my work while enjoying my free time. In between my readings and writings (and applying for jobs), I have been training for a wicked 10K that will occur in a month! I am also getting geared up for my Ph.D. applications by finalizing my personal statements, CV, and resume. In the next three months, I'll be applying to schools all over the nation and, hopefully, getting accepted to many of them.

It seems like a long way from here, but competing in races and completing sections of my thesis will quickly turn into commencement. The applications will become letters of acceptance and rejection, and, in due time, I'll be in a new place. It is all in front of me and I am excited by what tomorrow brings.


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