Friday, February 16, 2007

Recently I was checking out the headlines and I stumbled upon this picture of our current president. I find it fascinating how much the gravity of the position of president takes its toll on the individual who assumes the role. As a history enthusiast, I have examined photos of previous presidents pre- and post-presidency. Whether it is one term or two, the president always looks worn and somewhat broken.

I think our current president is no exception. When I saw this photo I instantly thought, You look worn. Regardless of my feelings towards the president, I can't imagine how one handles the gravity of the position. To know what he knows and to deal with the weight of one wrong decision or's got to tear you down.

I know it's random, but it's intriguing to me how people change immensely when in the White House. It goes to show you that regardless of who it is, the postion will take its toll. It also speaks of history. History is a great teacher. She teaches us that no one escapes the test of time, that each of us is a story that leads to another. Our current president is no exception to that, not in appearance and certainly not in action. Still, I wonder what story will be told of him when he hits the history books. What story will future generations see and know that others experienced and lived through otherwise? Only time will tell.


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