Sunday, October 16, 2005

As I've noted numerous times before, the weekends before a tournament are the worst. In addition to trying to stay ahead, I must also manage to practice my speeches as many times as possible so as to improve them and make sure they are memorized. This weekend, of course, is no exception to that.

This week shored up some wonderful assignments to keep me boarded up in my room from dawn until dusk: an English paper, a 20 page reading for English, a reading response, studying for my abnormal psychology test, eastern civilization readings (to stay ahead) and outlines for the midterm, readings for interpersonal communication (to stay ahead), as well as debate topic research and speech practice.

Again, my brain motivates me to do all these things, reminding me that I've gotten through such situations before. Cynically, though, I remind myself that, while that may be the case, the pressure and stress are too much. Not that I'll burnout, but I will get burned in one way or another. I just hope they're only first or, at most, second degree burns. Manageable. Recoverable.


rainydayinmay said...

it does sound like a lot... my blood pressure rose just reading about it...
it is so impressive though that you can stay motivated, regardless of whether it is a desire to do it or a fear of what may happen if you don't. hold strong to that motivation because one day, if you don't, you will end up prefering distraction (LIKE ME!!!) and believe me, it sucks!

Thister said...

Thanks! It's just so stressful. No doubt you've had streesors yourself, though.

LOL! I teeter on distraction often, only when I have to buckle up and crunch down do I avoid distractions. Though, I have to admit, the temptation to watch tv, play video games or just do nothing battles inside my head constantly.

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