Monday, February 14, 2005

Today is our annual Singles Awareness Day celebrated, mainly, in the United States. On this hallmark holiday you'll see hundreds of crazy people proclaiming their love for another like it's a special day when, in actuality, it's just another day.

For those not swayed by this semi-sweet, give me the gift, hallmark holiday I wish you a good day. For the rest of you, seriously, realize that this day is only another day. (Maybe that's why I'm single?)

An Aside: One test down, one to go. Only four hours of sleep. Shoot. Me. (Not really, though!)


Blue said...


Thister said...

:D Thanks!

Happy Best Friend's Day to you too! I miss you and I'm always thinking about you. ;)

Zucchini said...

A ha ha ha! I am amused that Single Awareness Day is SAD. But I celebrate it! Because V-day is in actuality VENELIZA-DAY. >=3

Thister said...

Hahah! Nice.

Anonymous Poet said...

Good point. Why isn't there a day for platonic relationships?

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